Sustainable Palm Oil – Our Commitment

Our position, our commitments.

Royale Lacroix is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2010.

RSPO Audited and certified since 2011, Royale Lacroix has gradually replaced its supplies of conventional palm oil by RSPO palm oil (Mass balance and segregated).

Royale Lacroix wants to promote the development of sustainable palm oil.

For Royale Lacroix, sustainable means :

  1. a  traceable palm oil from its plantation (known origin)
  2. a “zero deforestation” oil
  3. an oil that respects forests with a high carbon value*
  4. an oil that preserves all the peat bogs wathever the depth
  5. an oil that does not come from slash and burn agriculture
  6. an oil that respects workers’ rights and excludes child labor
  7. an oil that promotes small producers development
  8. an oil that promotes respect of natives and local communities as well as their rights to Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC)

Royale Lacroix Palm RSPO


First Royale Lacroix’s commitment is keeping and completing the oil conversion and goes after use of 100% RSPO certified palm oil . The second commitment aims for total sustainability. 

With this in mind, Royale Lacroix has already implemented a strong collaboration with its palm oils suppliers and is commited to pursuing this dynamic in order to reach its objectives. This implementation will be based on understanding and transparency as well as common work with its palm oils suppliers.

Finally Royale Lacroix is commited to promoting the use of sustainable palm oil. Aware of the strenght and impact of a real synergy between different actors, Royale Lacroix has joined, in 2014, the French Alliance for the Sustainable Palm Oil (Alliance for the Preservation of Forests) and the Belgian Alliance for a Sustainable Palm Oil. By joining, these Alliances and other working groups / task forces, Royale Lacroix hopes to promote more and more sustainable palm oil.

Within the framework of transparency, Royale Lacroix commits to report annualy on the progress in the implementation of this commitment.

* High carbon value (HCV) forests include primary forests, high, medium and low density forests and regenerating forests. Golden Agri-Resources and SMART, in association with Greenpeace and TFT, have developped and are testing an identification tool for HCS. For more information, please read the report “High Carbon Stock Forest”. We keep on adopting the best practices for HCS identifiation, as they are developped for different contexts.